Visitor Contacts and Sign-up

Do your visitors need to log into your site?
Well probably yes, if you want any sort of interaction with your users.

The trouble is that as soon as you open up your website for comments and logins, it immediately attracts all types of spam and attacks.

We recommend:

  • Theme My Login:  out of the box, WordPress signup and login management redirect to some rather ugly pages that don’t match your site.  Theme My Login not only creates pages within the site to handle this, it also adds management around the signup process to confirm email addresses of new users, with capability of customizing the related email notifications etc.
  • Contact Form 7:  this allows visitors to leave feedback without going through a registration process via simple forms.
  • MailChimp for WP:  not an official MailChimp product, this product helps integrate with MailChimp’s powerful list management features.  It integrates easily with the standard registration forms (and therefore Theme My Login) as well as Contact Form 7.
    With additional customization MailChimp itself can also sign users up to different lists and capture different information.
  • Captcha:  considered on case-by-case basis: apart from the annoyance value of Captchas, some of these are defective in various circumstances.  For example MailChimp works fine in China except for initial login which quietly fails to load a Captcha from 3rd party site due to China government internet restrictions, so signup silently fails complete.


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