How to Write!

Your site is all set up for you to write text, and WordPress makes this pretty easy.

Categories and Publication



Firstly not that your post isn’t published

Text Editing

Just remember almost all the formatting is done by the site design, so when you are writing, just worry about where you want to put the pictures and titles and so on.  For example, don’t set colours and other style information on the page, because the colours and so on will look different once published and may be changed later by the designer.

Wordpress Edit
WordPress text editing features









aside – Typically styled without a title. Similar to a Facebook note update.
gallery – A gallery of images. Post will likely contain a gallery shortcode and will have image attachments.
link – A link to another site.
image – A single image. The first tag in the post could be considered the image. Alternatively, if the post consists only of a URL, that will be the image URL and the title of the post (post_title) will be the title attribute for the image.
quote – A quotation. Probably will contain a blockquote holding the quote content. Alternatively, the quote may be just the content, with the source/author being the title.
status – A short status update, similar to a Twitter status update.
video – A single video:  not recommended
audio – An audio file. Could be used for Podcasting.
chat – A chat transcript

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